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An Informed Business World

Business development
and transformation 
Phil Eade and

Meet Phil

MBA, BSc(Hons), FIET, CEng

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Whether you are looking for board-level guidance or on the ground expertise, I can bring over 30-years of international project management and business development experience with PhD/MBA education and findings to your organisation. My tailored and cost-effective service engagements will provide you with the information and deliverables that you need to transform and develop your business. Happy to travel anywhere (when conditions allow), although most of my services have been proven to be effective when delivered online:

  • Strategic Roadmap Development

  • Requirements Capture & Analysis

  • Business Case Preparation

  • Media Asset Management

  • Workflow and Automation

  • Vendor/Platform Selection

  • Platform Implementation Planning

  • Lifecycle Management

  • Business Development

  • Value Proposition Development

  • Sales Enablement


What I Specialize In

Enjoying Sunset

The Journey Towards Business Success Begins on the Path of Awareness and Understanding. Begin Your Journey Today.


An improved technology investment and implementation planning methodology

How do you best approach identifying, selecting, deploying and maintaining technology to help you achieve your business goals? How can your organisation best combine local solutions and globally scaled services?


Developed and proven in a PhD study, PATRIAS™ is a framework of highly integrated techniques that aids your technology identification and selection, implementation planning and execution, and on-going monitoring and maintenance. Built on academic bodies of work, cross-sector industry best practice, and practice-led research, PATRIAS™ is an efficient and cost-effective approach that ensures you have the information that you need to make timely and informed decisions.

PATRIAS™ enhances the traditional product feature and cost approach to product selection and traditional product-based implementation planning with operational modelling, product selection, impact analysis (business performance, operational flexibility and people) and multi-criteria decision-making implementation planning.

PATRIAS framework.png

Media Platform
Investment & Planning


Vendor/Platform selection, implementation and lifecycle management for optimal ROI

Strategic Alliances and Value-Added Resellers


Business development and channel management planning, formation, development and revenue generation.

Value-based Proposition Formation and Writing

Value proposition development, illustration, communication and documentation.

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Thought Leadership

Thinking Man

A re-thinking of Porter's Value Chain


Business process modelling revisited


People-focussed operational efficiency


Vendor/Platform selection standardised


Implementation and  ROI alignment

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