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The PATRIAS™  Implementation Roadmap technique

Founded on classic multi-criteria decision-making (MCDM) techniques and industrial product-based planning, the PATRIAS™ Anticipated Implementation Roadmap (AIR) technique provides a novel outlook of technology investment and impact.


Level 1 Executive Summary

For executives, the PATRIAS™ AIR technique aims to provide the insights needed to make timely and informed product investment decisions. Classic AHP and TOPSIS multi-criteria decision-making methods are applied to weight the executive preferences of bottom-line, operational flexibility and people assessment criteria and score product investment options. 


The deliverable is a novel view of the investment and returns roadmap with a ranked list of product implementation projects. 



Level 2 Program Management Office

For the Program Management Office (PMO), the PATRIAS™ AIR technique applies the concepts of product-based planning to breakdown the product, identify dependencies and linkages, and order product implementation in accordance with the executive preferences (see above). 

The deliverable is data to feed into the Statements of Work to be prepared by the manufacturer and a simple roadmap diagram illustrating the recommended delivery packages for the identified benefits to be achieved in optimal order

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