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The PATRIAS™ Product Capability Assessment techniques

Founded on classic benchmarking studies and research into the causal link between technology categories and business performance, the PATRIAS™ Product Capability Assessment (PCA) technique is a three-level approach that aids understanding and awareness of domain-specific products, comparison and shortlisting of products, and detailed individual product capability assessment for impact analysis.


Level 1 for Product Awareness

Level 1 PCA reviews aim to raise awareness of the technologies and products available in a market to meet specific supply chain or organisation needs.


The technique increases coverage, accuracy and currency over expert opinion. Deliverables include identified product categories and the first generation product capability assessment criteria.



Level 2 for Product Comparison

Level 2 PCA reviews aim to assess multiple products to a level of detail to aid the process of shortlisting for a request for tender.


The technique defines and seeks evidence of five technology capabilities in eight technology categories. Depending on the specific needs of the supply chain or organisation, these are weighted and scored to provide a ranked list of IAS products for consideration. 



Level 3 for Product Capabilities

Level 3 PCA reviews aim to provide a very detailed product capability assessment for one or two products only.


The technique defines and seeks evidence of hundreds of technology capabilities spread across eight technology categories. This data is used by the PATRIAS™ analysis techniques to anticipate the product impact on the supply chain or organisation.

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