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Dalet Flex updated review

The Premium Review for the Dalet Flex has just been updated. Changes since last year's review include:

  • pricing is now based on functionality tiers, based on a range of metrics including (but not limited to) number of users, integrations or workflows. (Introduction)

  • removal of statement that the library of integration plugins are provided at no charge, to simply state that the plugin framework is easy to self-administer and has support for self-scripting of integrations within workflows. (Introduction)

  • addition of automated machine resource scaling and controlled sharing across tenants being supported via Kubernetes. (Architecture)

  • clarification that Flex is designed to focus on the needs of full digital workflows, so integrating with legacy infrastructure is not an area of focus. (Integration)

  • clarification that automation provided by Flex includes allocation of actions to machine resources , load balancing, and the triggering actions and workflows from systems events. (Automation)

  • clarification that security monitoring is normally performed on the customer side and Dalet Flex with the client's selected solution. (Security)


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