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Limecraft updated review

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The Premium Review for the Limecraft platform has just been updated - see here. Changes since last year's review include:

  • Added support for processing live feeds. While live and cloud remain a difficult combination, so long as you can live with a reasonable delay (10 sec to 1 min, trading off accuracy), then Limecraft has cracked the challenge.

  • For now, Limecraft have withdrawn their iOS and Android prototypes due to lack of demand. If interest increased, they will obviously reconsider their position.

  • New functionality added to modify images and video, including scaling, cropping, rotating, trimming, watermarking and the ability to permanently render upon export.

  • Significant improvements in support for AI services. Limecraft acts as a broker for third-party AI engines and develops their own AI capabilities, including efficient OCR, subtitling creation and more recently language detection. In addition to the standard video analytics, support has been added for emotional tonality detection and gesture detection.

  • Full support for SSO and Multi-factor authentication has been added. This was an explicit request by one client, whom Limecraft have supported in Belgium and the Netherlands for several years, and increased security was a necessary condition to expand the business worldwide.


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