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Business Presentation

Writing Services

Services to help you illustrate and articulate the value of your proposition to your target audience, from the organisation that needs a professional business case to aid investment decision-making to the manufacturer communicating the value of an offering to prospective clients.  

Business Documentation

Professional value-based documentation
- from business cases to implementation plans

Writing Documents

I help technology vendors and media organisations prepare high-quality presentations and documents that clearly articulate value requirements and propositions. I prepare business plans and assist with investment negotiations, created value-based proposals and their offerings, and input to PMO implementation plans: 

  • BUSINESS CASES - helping organisations to justify a technology investment to stakeholders and decision-makers in terms of value add and return on investment. Using techniques from the PATRIAS methodology, I help clearly articulate benefits in terms of the anticipated reduction in time and cost to process products, prioritise a roadmap for addressing identified pain points that will help to improve operators daily experience, and identify areas of improved operational flexibility, agility and resilience ready to respond to future business needs.   

  • RFI / RFP PREPARATION - helping media organisations capture their requirements and document what is most important to their business in a solution. Using the business modelling techniques from the PATRIAS methodology, I efficiently capture the 'As Is' operation and analyse what media platform capabilities would have the most positive impact.  I enhance the traditional feature-based RFI/RFP with value-based evaluation criteria, enabling an assessment of vendors that better reflects business priorities and return on investment. 

  • RFI / RFP RESPONSES - bid management services for technology manufacturers and service providers, including preparing documents and presentations that clearly communicate the value of the offering to the end client beyond just the typical technical compliance, including impact to the client's bottom line, operational efficiency and readiness for future change. 

  • IMPLEMENTATION PLANS - preparation of plans that prioritise activities based on business priorities, sub-product dependencies and resource limitations for optimised return on investment in the optimal timescale. For either new projects or ongoing lifecycle management, these plans enhance the traditional PMO planning approaches to apply multi-criteria decision-making techniques to efficiently deliver improved implementation roadmaps that better reflect business needs. 

Marketing & Sales Enablement

Professional value-based documentation
- from business cases to implementation plans


I provide marketing and sales enablement services, helping defining strategy, produce plans and execute them, producing targeted deliverables to promote offerings: 

  • MARKETING DOCUMENTATION - preparation of value-based adverts, websites, presentations and documentation to promote products and services, including engaging with appropriate stakeholders to capture information and develop propositions. Previous deliverables have included white papers, trade-press editorials, customer short references and long-form case studies, website creative design and text, sales and conference presentations. I have also helped re-position products for sale in different market sectors and geographies, adjusting the value proposition as appropriate. 

  • PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION - transforming and enhancing typical feature-based product material to more professional and engaging presentations and documentation, including value propositions where appropriate. Previous deliverables have included value-based product brochures, product manuals and guides, service or operational guides, and training programs and courses. Presentations often have advanced animations to help illustrate concepts and capabilities.

  • INTERACTIVE SALES TOOLS - preparation of advanced spreadsheets for financial or configuration modelling. Previous deliverables have included pricing tools for sales executives to produce indicative pricing in the field, a dynamic 10-year return on investment calculator comparing the vendor's products to their competitors for the client's specific needs, and a competitor analysis tool to illustrate the vendor's platform relative strengths and weaknesses in specific opportunity context to aid value proposition preparation.    

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