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Standard Review
Last Updated April 2019

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Standard Review

VizRT has a wide portfolio of “powerful visual storytelling tools”, primarily focussed on graphics (virtual reality, overlay etc) for the broadcasting, sports, digital and eSports markets. They also have solutions for automated linear playout and media asset management. Viz One is a MAM designed for collaboration and connection to all key systems. Viz Story is a video editing and publishing tool that enables users to quickly create captivating videos with amazing graphics, publishing simultaneously across multiple platforms, in different brands and aspect ratios.

ARCHITECTURE: Viz One is deployable on-prem, in the cloud and hybrid configuration, managing compute, storage and transcode resources across multiple cloud and on-premise zones. No mention is made in their marketing of the database(s), underlying technology or security, so our score is 3/5 (further clarification from VizRT may improve this score).

INTEGRATION: Viz One promotes “Integrate with the systems you already have”, but no information on which vendors and products have been integrated with, nor the approach to integration is provided in the marketing reviewed. It has data APIs enabling third party integration. It supports baseband ingest (SD/HD SDI). Machine learning is mentioned in marketing, but not elaborated on. Avid integration is mentioned. AWS support includes Amazon EC2, S3, Glacier, RDS/PostgreSQL, EFS and EBS.

AUTOMATION: Viz One claims to have a powerful workflow engine, and says workflows are customisable, but it appears to be configurable through tables only. Similarly Viz Story automates the publishing of assets to social media, complete with applying branded graphics in accordance with business rules set-up in the UI rather than graphical design. No mention is made of real-time graphical monitoring of workflows.

METADATA: Viz One support a “powerful metadata model”, the search engine is “optimized for large datasets with millions of assets”, and an interactive thesaurus is provided allowing users to make changes to an existing thesaurus to keep it relevant. Logging is supported. There is no description of their metadata design tool, nor the ability to build custom hierarchies, definitions, taxonomies etc. The Viz One API supports granular metadata events and developers can receive detailed events when metadata is changed or added.

USER EXPERIENCE: The Viz RT user interfaces have a modern style, although seem a little cluttered. Users can preview media with graphics overlays generated from their VizPilot and Viz Trio graphics products. No mention of ability to configure UIs for different roles.

ANALYTICS: Viz One claims to maintain audit trails and providing reporting functionality to track production. The transfer system within the solution supports group based storage quota management and monitoring. No mention is made of graphical analysis tools.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: No reference to AI integration or application was found in the VIZRT marketing material reviewed.

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