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Standard Review
Last Updated March 2019

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Standard Review

Tedial offers highly capable media asset management solutions that are packaged and targeted at specific stages of the media supply chain, including SMARTLIVE for live events and production, Evolution MAM for content preparation & localisation, and archive content preservation, and VERSION FACTORY for distribution. Tedial market their innovation projects, including HYPER-MAM - a project that aims to develop a set of technologies and methodologies of design and operation, which make it possible to implement a global MAM or Hyper-MAM (a “MAM of MAMs”) on several independent MAMs.

ARCHITECTURE: Evolution has a scalable, fault tolerant architecture that supports on-prem, in the cloud, hybrid, and multi-site deployment environments. It has Docker-ized cloud-native modules and microservices. It has specific security functionality including visibility levels, integration with corporate user management systems, watermarking, DRM, and object storage.

INTEGRATION: Tedial has an extensive portfolio of technology partner integrations, covering the full media supply chain. It has a “smart integration bus” and a “true Media Processing Manager”. aSTORM manages attached storage by nodes both vertically and horizontally across locations including in cloud infrastructure and provides increased security and functionality for distributed task management. No mention is made of plugins for ease of integration, nor of support for integration through scripting in workflows.

AUTOMATION: Evolution offers a graphical workflow design tool with library of BPM Building Blocks for plug-and-play process. Version Factory automates thousands of OTT and VOD versioning tasks, including the ability to manage ‘on-the-fly’ assembly of unique versions.. No mention is made of real-time graphical monitoring of workflows, nor support for scripted steps in workflows.

METADATA: Tedial marketing includes surprisingly little mention of metadata capabilities. It mentions that Evolution MAM supports transformation between metadata schemas, so clearly schemas can be created and managed. SMARTLIVE uses AI tools to maximize its unique metadata engine to automate media management tasks from remote logging and clip creation, to distribution, so temporal metadata is supported. There is no mention of a metadata design tool, nor more advanced metadata support.

USER EXPERIENCE: Tedial user interfaces are web-based and show a modern design. There appears to be different UIs for different roles with intuitive layout - although a full demo is required to comment further. No mention is made of configurability of the UI.

ANALYTICS: Evolution provides visibility and metrics on all processes in the system, to measure performance, platform capabilities, detect bottlenecks to optimize operations, and supply audits. No graphical display is promoted for Evolution, but one is shown on its web site for Version Factory.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: SMARTLIVE is integrated with third party AI (Microsoft) to automate the process of creating sports highlight packages using the AI speech to text on the commentary track. No other application of AI was observed in the Tedial marketing material reviewed.

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