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Standard Review
Last Updated April 2019

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Standard Review

Imagine Communication portfolio of products includes Ad Management, Targeted Delivery, Networking & Infrastructure, and Playout. Among these are software solutions that together can provide content management solutions to efficiently ingest, edit, catalog, store, retrieve, move and distribute digital assets. Nexio® Motion™ is the integration and workflow enablement platform part of these solutions, integrating Imagine storage and playout solutions (Versio linear playout automation, Nexio video servers, and Nexio Insight).

ARCHITECTURE: Nexio Motion is deployed on-premise on server machine running Windows OS with a SQL database. The users have client software installed on their machines (rather than web browser based). While integration with cloud storage is mentioned (Microsoft Azure), Nexio Motion cannot be deployed in the cloud. No mention of other underlying technology.

INTEGRATION: Although primarily intended to integrate Imagine products, Nexio Motion integrates with a limited range of products from third parties to provide a “complete” media integration system, including AQC, transcoder and storage. No mention is made of the approach and configuration ease to integration, nor to the monitoring of resource status.

AUTOMATION: Nexio Motion provides a graphical workflow design tool. Workflows can be triggered automatically based on new, updated or deleted media in storage, or triggered by external systems. The workflows listed focus on supporting linear playout (such as missing materials workflow).

METADATA: Nexio Motion is promoted a workflow engine, not a media asset management platform, so has no mention of any metadata structure design and management. As Imagine don’t really have a MAM, the only metadata that seems to be referenced is that collected in the schedules from traffic systems to Imagine playout systems.

USER EXPERIENCE: Nexio Motion provides a user friendly graphical workflow designer, but with very limited functionality and flexibility. Imagen does not provide a user experience to manage assets outside of the playout environment.

ANALYTICS: Nexio Motion marketing mentions a product called Nexio Insight, which it is assumed provides some level of reporting and analytic tools. But a login is required to access it web page. No other information or UI images can be found, so it is assumed that this product is not yet released or is discontinued.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: At the time of this review, there is no mention of integration to AI video indexing services or built-in AI capability in any of the Imagine Communications marketing material, except an opinion piece by the CTO in Broadcast Technology.

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