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Standard Review
Last Updated April 2019

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Standard Review scores a low figure on this review as its intelligent system focuses solely at offering a multi-tenanted video review and collaboration solution targeted at the post production market. As such is is not intended to be a broad solution to work across complete supply-chains, but only for review and approvals of creative work, with strong version control capabilities. specialisation areas include their in-house file acceleration capability (that they promote as being the fastest on the market), strong versioning control, ability to build branded presentations (for sales reels and screening rooms), and their low level monthly seat and functionality based pricing. It offers an iPhone app for mobile access, commenting and approvals.

ARCHITECTURE: is a multi-tenanted cloud based service with no option for on-premise only operation. Which cloud provider is not mentioned. It integrates with on-premises NLEs (see below). There is no mention of their software architecture or underlying technology. No mention of security.

INTEGRATION: integration is focussed primary on the post-production stage of the content lifecycle, with Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and Avid Media Composer specifically highlighted. For communications they promote their Slack integration and for publishing they promote Vimeo. It appears that these integrations are hard coded by the vendor as there is no mention of any plugins or self-service scripting. The status of each of these resources is displayed on a single simple web page.

AUTOMATION: does not refer to any workflows or automation. It does not offer a graphical workflow design tool or any form of defining or configuring workflows. In one of their blogs they mention integration with Kyno asset management solution that can automate the retrieval of assets from an archive, and their integration with various NLEs automates the movement of assets and metadata. But no customizable workflow. There is no mention of real-time resource monitoring.

METADATA: supports timecode linked comments are it primary metadata capability. In thread replies make collaboration easy. Other metadata functionality includes free-form marking-up of images, comments, annotations and hashtags for easy tagging and filtering. There is no mention of the use of manual logging or external metadata sources.

USER EXPERIENCE: The UI design appears very clean, modern and intuitive. An iPhone app is supported as well as the web browser UI. N ice UX features include the user image placed on timeline with bubble comments on hover, a dual player UI enabling comparison of before and after versions, and an ability to build branded presentations for sales reels and screening rooms. Task management is supported

ANALYTICS: There is no mention of any reporting or analytics tools for technical, operational or commercial purposes, neither in the product UI, nor exportable as reports.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: There is no mention of integration to AI video indexing services or built-in AI capability in any of the marketing material reviewed.

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