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Standard Review
Last Updated April 2019

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Standard Review

Evolphin is a media asset management company that specialises in the video pre production and post production stages of the media supply chain. The Evolphin Zoom MAM includes the Evolphin DAM plus intelligent automation of entire video workflows. Zoom's competitive advantage seems to be how it leverages the “industry’s first high-performance in-memory deduplication of content”, allowing users to create, share, and collect insights, and provide rich media to their clients in the fastest way possible.

ARCHITECTURE: Evolphin Zoom MAM can be deployed in the cloud (private or Evolphin SaaS), on-premises or hybrid. It states it is hardware agnostic, but there is no mention of microservices. It runs on Windows or Linux and uses a NoSQL database. Front-end deduplication for video editing involves storing only changed bytes when iterating through revisions, resulting is up to 99% file compression and reducing online storage use by over 50%

INTEGRATION: Zoom has a relatively small published set of resource integrations. It connects transcoders (Telestream Vantage and its own built-in one), archive (SD, HDD, LTO, Cloud, Object Storage), remote editors (strong integration with Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects, and has a strong Avid Interplay integration and workflow), and social media (1000+ app integrations). No mention of integration approach (hard coded, plugins, scripting). No mention of real-time resource monitoring.

AUTOMATION: Zoom MAM has a range of pre-built workflows and marketing claims it “orchestrates all the moving parts in any system”, No mention is made of a graphical workflow design tool, nor of any real-time workflow monitoring.

METADATA: While Zoom MAM marketing says it keeps metadata, no information is provided on how this is managed, nor how configurable it is. Zoom supports the application of visual markups and annotations to any frame and the search for clips based on chapter or frame metadata inside a video. It also manages digital rights, alerting users when rights are about to expire and watermarking expired content. No mention of hierarchies, taxonomies, or thesaurus.

USER EXPERIENCE: The Zoom user interface has been designed with creatives in mind and looks very modern in style. UIs are browser based and iOS and Android apps are supported. Functionality is provided for managing marketing campaigns (planning, review and approve, distribution).

ANALYTICS: Zoom includes real-time analytics and reporting, including tracking online timesheets, reporting on Key Performance Indicators, monitoring progress by job types and determining actual versus expected progress. The reporting UI supports graphs and charts.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Evolphin Zoom integrates with leading AI and Machine Learning services (not named) to analyze media on demand or on ingest, including speech to text to enable full-text searches, automatic keyword tagging with timecode, face, celebrity, and logo detection, This AI can be on-premises or cloud-based deployments.

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