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Standard Review
Last Updated April 2019

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Standard Review

EditShare offers a high performance media platform built primarily for its own specialised storage hardware. Targeted at post-production in several industry sectors (media, education, corporate, house of worship etc), it claims to offer the fastest media file system “on the planet” and market leading security. Its specialization areas include their EFS Auditing real-time auditing platform, Flow Ingest for HD/SD SDI ingest, Flow MAM for asset management, Flow Logger for manual logging, Lightworks and Flow Story non-linear editing, QScan auto QC, Airflow cloud collaboration and Flow graphical workflow engine.

ARCHITECTURE: EditShare offers a predominantly an on-premise architecture, although this extends to offer cloud-based collaboration with the Airflow cloud application that can be hosted on Azure, Google, Wasabi, and Backblaze. Multi-site operations are supported with specific workflows. Flow Server runs on machine, VM or cloud. There is no mention of the software architecture, nor of its underlying technologies. Reference is made to ease of scalability by adding extra worker nodes

INTEGRATION: EditShare Flow seems to have a relatively narrow set of third party integrations focussed on post production resources. While promoting their own storage hardware (which includes XStream EFS, Geevs broadcast servers and Ark archive) they also promote integration with Avid ISIS, NEXIS, StorageDNA, XStream and ObjectMatrix. Similarly, while promoting their own QScan AQC they also integrate with Telestream Vidcheck and Interra Baton. Native NLE integration is supported with Adobe, Apple and Avid and they integrate with other MAM solutions including tedial and SGL.

AUTOMATION: EditShare Flow has a graphical workflow engine for automating repetitive tasks is provided. Workflows can be built from a predefined set of ten actions (delivery to AWS, AQC, Aspera transfer, copy/move file, transcode, delete media, export metadata, add/remove clip, scan storage, send email). Promoting targeting workflows for remote post production, news gathering, marketing agencies.

METADATA: EditShare Flow has a flexible metadata engine (although this is not explicitly shown or marketed, so it is not clear how intuitive it is) that enables users to build their own metadata templates that can be used in Flow MAM for full assets and in Flow Logger for use with timecode linked temporal metadata. “Ganged clip metadata” enables multiple feeds to be linked (such as in reality tv or sports) and the logging across multiple timelines by clicking the appropriate source in the preview window.

USER EXPERIENCE: Overall EditShare Flow offers a modern and clean experience, presented as a portfolio of applications with set UIs, rather than a configurable UI. While fine grained access control is not directly mentioned, security is heavily promoted.

ANALYTICS: With the exception of the QScan AQC test result reporting, there is no mention of any reporting or analytics tools for technical, operational or financial purposes.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: At the time of this review, mo mention is made of AI or machine learning in the EditShare marketing.

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