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Standard Review
Last Updated April 2019

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Standard Review

Deluxe is a global, end-to-end services and technology company that supports video creation to distribution worldwide. Deluxe Technologies creates software platforms, Deluxe Distribution offers scaled, end-to-end solutions for delivering content, and Deluxe Creative Brands provides visual effects and post production. Deluxe One, which won the NAB 2019 AI/Machine Learning Category product of the year award, brings together products and services and an open API architecture, to provide a cloud based platform that enables customers to view and manage their content across the media supply chain.

ARCHITECTURE: Deluxe One is a cloud based platform only (AWS, Deluxe hosted) with an open API architecture. It is not available for on-premise deployment. It is offered as part of a service package, with access to the human resources of Deluxe, “the largest M&E services company in the world”. Modular microservices are used for effective scaling of resources. No mention is made of the database(s) or other underlying technologies used, nor of security.

INTEGRATION: Deluxe One marketing states that customers can integrate their systems and other vendors via Deluxe One’s open API architecture and move content through Deluxe’s micro-services (or those of partners), unifying what was once a fragmented media supply chain. No list is provided of what technology partners Deluxe One integrates with, nor is it clear whether customer on-premise resources can be integrated. No mention of resource monitoring.

AUTOMATION: No mention is made of an integral graphical workflow design tool and engine, either for design or for real-time monitoring. “Advanced automation and intuitive controls” are mentioned, but these seem to be predefined workflows and monitoring for work orders.

METADATA: Deluxe One “surfaces metadata” and “downstream data”. There is no mention of what types of metadata are supported, nor of any metadata structure design tools. It is therefore assumed that metadata definitions are configured or hard coded by Deluxe for each customer and that advanced metadata is not yet supported (hierarchies, taxonomies, thesaurus etc).

USER EXPERIENCE: Deluxe One user interfaces seem to have a modern style and are not overly cluttered with features and information - if anything they seem too simple. There is no mention of user configurability of the UIs. No mention of task management.

ANALYTICS: Deluxe One surfaces metadata and downstream data to give greater insight into performance. This includes advanced delivery metrics, real-time monitoring of performance data, and metadata tracking. Monitoring in the UI seems fixed. No graphical or chart representation of metrics is mentioned.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: Deluxe One won an NAB 2019 award in the AI/Machine learning category AI. In addition to integrating with cloud AI for video analysis, it features custom-built patent-pending AI tools to help accelerate content identification, matching, conformance and processing of component audio files, subtitles and textless / texted materials. This allows the system to scan large catalogs of unidentified and / or uncorrelated assets to associate them to the picture master.

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