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Standard Review
Last Updated April 2019

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Standard Review

Cinegy appears to offer a relatively closed family of solutions, primarily focussed on automated linear playout - both on premise and in the cloud. They also have products for SD/HD ingest, news production, media asset management & production, transcoding & workflow, and multi viewing. Cinegy offers three MAM & Production products - Cinegy Archive, Cinegy Desktop and Cinegy Workspace. These are a relatively small part of their product portfolio, with their user experience, automation, metadata and analytics all relatively under-developed compared to the high-end MAMs. These products though are probably not aimed at that market, but just enhancements to their Cinegy playout products.

ARCHITECTURE: When mentioning architecture, Cinegy refers to broadcast file format and codec standards (AAF, MXF, MPEG-2 and H.264) rather than the software architecture. The central software runs on standard IT hardware and Linux or Windows OS. UI are applications that run on Windows or Mac OS. Only their linear product, Cinegy Air, can be deployed on the cloud. No mention is made of underlying technology or databases, nor of security.

INTEGRATION: Cinegy seem to offer a relatively closed environment - not promoting technology partners, nor mentioning integration frequently. Only Quantum and Xen Data are mentioned as archive partners. No other partners are mentioned - not even AQC or third party transcoders that most MAMs integrate with, preferring to use their in-house technology. No plugin or scripting approach to integration is mentioned, nor resource monitoring.

AUTOMATION: Cinegy automation is focussed on the transcoding process. The Cinegy Convert module enables the execution of parallel tasks including up/downscale, multiple format creation, and re-wrapping to different codecs. It can input and output in SD, HD and 4K. A timeline progress bar on the UI shows the progress of each of these. There is no mention of a graphical workflow design tool or real-time monitoring.

METADATA: Cinegy do not promote any level of metadata management capability. They do not seem to offer any form of intuitive metadata design tool. The Cinegy Archive Manager seems to offer a basic administration tool to access the database and add fields. Hierarchies are simply the filing structure rather than user defined objects. There is no mention of more advanced metadata (taxonomies, thesaurus, hierarchies, spatial, temporal).

USER EXPERIENCE: The Cinegy user interfaces appear very dated and have no observable configurability for different user types (except asset access control). Cinegy Desktop enables searching, previewing, logging and editing (with a quite rich feature set) of assets. Cinergy Workspace enables collaborative on timeline editing and other functions.

ANALYTICS: Cinegy does not mention collecting event metadata, let alone providing any sort of reporting or graphical displays that could assist in analysing the media operations performance.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: We can find no mention in the marketing material reviewed of the integration or use of AI in any Cinegy product.

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