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Applying Level 2 and Level 3 of the PATRIAS™  PCA technique to intelligent automation systems for the television content production supply chain.


Or to put it into domain-specific language, this section contains reviews of the top MAM, PAM and media logistics platforms in the broadcast sector, comparing their capabilities in the categories of architecture, automation, information (metadata), analytics, user experience, artificial intelligence,  and security.

Premium Reviews

For Detailed Product Assesment

Level 3 PATRIAS™  PCA 3 reviews are based on responses to a detailed questionnaire that has over 450 assessment criteria that cover eight technology categories and a business category. When used in conjunction with the PATRIAS™  analysis techniques, this data can be used to anticipate IAS impact on a supply chain or organisation.

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“a very detailed and thorough review… I appreciate you took the time to explore the details… Your reviews must be by far the most representative available on the market..”

- Maarten Verwaest,
CEO and Founder of the IAS manufacturer Limecraft

“Very complete…tremendously useful especially for clients, but also for vendors like ourselves….It is an amazing piece of work.”

- Patricia Corral Álava
Marketing Director at the IAS manufacturer VSN

Standard Reviews

For Product Comparison

Level 2 PATRIAS™  PCA reviews are based on seeking evidence of five technology capabilities in eight technology categories. Depending on the specific needs of the supply chain or organisations, these can be weighted and scored to provide a ranked list of IAS products for consideration.