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No MAM is better than another?

No MAM is better than another, it depends on the application? In March-April 2019, as part of my PhD study, I performed a quick review of 35 MAM-type platforms applying the PATRIAS PCA technique (level 2), designed to efficiently short-list products for specific needs. As I was an employee of one of the vendors, I was advised not to directly engage with other vendors over IPR concerns and only used the vendor websites as data sources.

As part of the PhD study dissemination strategy, these reviews are published (without scoring): see here. Websites may lack accuracy and coverage and these reviews are also now 2-years old, so may lack currency. Given that these reviews are still being visited, I’d love to update them with vendor input.

If you work for any of the vendors reviewed and can help, please contact me to ensure the reviews are a fair and reasonable reflection of your product’s current capabilities. For the Standard Reviews, it's only 8 paragraphs to review and update. If you are willing to respond to a detailed questionnaire and support some validation correspondence, then I’m happy to prepare a more comprehensive Premium Review. And if your product hasn't been reviewed, but you'd like it to be, please let me know. Thank you.


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