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Value as a Non-Executive Director

  • Liaising with board-level Executives as the industry and solution expert and trusted advisor of the Senior Management Team, preparing and presenting board papers that provide strategic insight.

  • Ensuring robust governance frameworks by designing and directing a complex pricing review and subsequently proposing a pricing structure, securing stakeholder buy-in and adopted as a preferred method internationally. 

  • Demonstrating adept communication skills by engaging with C-level stakeholders, generating confidence in investor, facilitating dialogues between parties and translating complex industry jargon to ensure accessibility for a range of audiences. 

  • Navigating international business cultures through an awareness of differing regulatory landscapes and developing key relationships with local partners to guide and manage approaches to business transformation.

  • Evaluating organisations by identifying their key requirements, establishing corporate objectives, outlining customer needs and aligning tailored strategies that address overall issues to improve profitability and exceed business targets.

  • Mentoring a range of SMEs and start-ups by identifying their strengths and weaknesses, aligning talent with job responsibilities and monitoring performance to empower businesses and improve productivity.

  • Managing inherent or potential business risks by advising on strategies and devising methodologies that mitigate cost of sales and customer satisfaction concerns.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully guided APJ into the top sales region with the strongest pipeline of new opportunities by provided strategic input and business plan oversight to guide business development initiatives and sales plans across the globe.


  • Spearheaded strategic overseas expansion and growth plans, improved governance structures and increased business development opportunities for an award-winning and market-leading supplier media logistics platform.


  • Drove technology partner networks from 5 to over 50 and reseller network from 20 to 45 companies, by building and directing an international sales team and executing the global sales & marketing plans for a US-based media business.

  • Provided guidance to CEO during investment cycle, including due diligence meetings in manufacturer European offices and investment negotiation in the investor's headquarters in the Americas. Resulted in offer to acquire the company.

  • Successfully helped guide smooth merging of acquired company, including being an advisor to the CEO and the development of a companywide training programme, extended to an international sales channel network, to raise awareness of the newly acquired product offering and  its value to clients.

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