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Value as a Consultant

  • Strategic planning and execution applying a systematic approach with expert business insight and experience in investment support, supply chain analysis, cost benefit analysis and business oversight.

  • Operational oversight and executive project management through best practice analysis, workflow analysis, continual professional development and training course design and execution, project delivery methodology and execution oversight

  • Product management and value-based marketing through analysis of target market drivers and needs, business benefit formulation, and expert presentation, documentation  and communication.

  • Sales, technology and strategic partner relationship management with tools and approaches  developed and proven over decades to engage, train and empower partners  and build networks to help drive sustainable profitable business growth.

  • Value-based consultative sales, establishing strong relationships with clients through  custom C-level demos and presentations, value-based proposal preparation, specialist engagements (ROI, best practice workshops etc) and negotiating to contract closure.

  • Managing inherent or potential business risks by advising on strategies and devising methodologies that mitigate cost of sales and customer satisfaction concerns.

  • Competitor intelligence, using systematic and replicable processes to provide benchmarking between client offerings and competitor, with insights on competitive positioning, strategic direction and go-to-market messaging.

Key Achievements

  • Successfully guided APJ into the top sales region with the strongest pipeline of new opportunities by provided strategic input and business plan oversight to guide business development initiatives and sales plans across the globe.


  • Spearheaded strategic overseas expansion and growth plans, improved governance structures and increased business development opportunities for an award-winning and market-leading supplier media logistics platform.


  • Drove technology partner networks from 5 to over 50 and reseller network from 20 to 45 companies, by building and directing an international sales team and executing the global sales & marketing plans for a US-based media business.

  • Successfully launched a new products for several clients, including one in the satellite communications systems space, covering product naming, branding, marketing collateral preparation, taking the product to market, appointing resellers and achieving initial sales.​​

  • Prepared all value-based proposals for the APJ region over 18 months, supporting six sales executives selling a complex media platform (on-premise and cloud based), including customer needs and pain analysis, custom C-level presentations, and preparation of business value focussed proposals.

  • Prepared marketing and sales enablement strategy document and executed the action plan for a SME client in the media archive technology space. Included market and competitor analysis, internal capability review, strategic option review


  • Directed a sales team to drive visitors to major trade show meetings, significantly exceeding all previous year attendance through a combination of direct and tracked outreach, working the reseller network, and a friendly competitive environment with rewards. 

  • Best practice workshops and benchmarking with several clients, including several sports organisations and a 2000 person national media organisation, performing workshops with each departments from to assess their pain points and adoption of disruptive technologies, and then to identify where they would get best return on investment in new technology. 


  • Cost-Benefit analysis engagement performed on multiple companies, working with various departments to understand their current operations time and costs, and then working with client executives to develop return on investment in new technology calculations. 

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