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Investment and
Planning Services

Services to help you ensure that you select the best media platform technology for the needs of your organisation, implement it in an order that optimises the return on your investment in the shortest timescale, and monitor it for on-going optimal performance and application across your business.

Product Selection

Services aiding you to identify, compare and select the best fit intelligent automation system

Business Research

Integral to your procurement team or as an independent service, I can apply techniques from the PATRIAS™ to aid you to identify suitable vendors and their products, assess and compare their capabilities and make recommendations on which product to adopt based on which would deliver the best return on investment in the context of your organisation's specific needs.  A customised Product Selection service may include:

  • REQUIREMENTS CAPTURE: By applying the first phase of the SCM and BPM techniques from the PATRIAS™ methodology, I efficiently and systematically capture the current 'As Is' status of your supply chain, including the processes, pain points, and operational performance. Typically a 2-hour workshop with each department or stage of your supply chain is required to capture the required data and a similar length executive call or workshop to understand your strategy and implementation priorities. 

  • PRODUCT RESEARCH: By applying the different levels of the PCA technique from the PATRIAS™ methodology, I provide a product research service that is flexible yet systematic. The first phase ensures consideration of appropriate coverage of suitable products. The second compares and contrasts candidate products to produce a short-list. The third performs detailed research on one or a few products.  Activities may include online or trade show research, direct manufacturer correspondence and meetings, and production of / input to Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) documents.  


  • ASSESSMENT: By applying the PCA technique's eight different product assessment criteria to the candidate products, I provide insights on the relative impact they will provide on your business performance, operational flexibility and people. I work with your team to agree on how these fit with the traditional product feature and pricing assessment. I apply classic multi-criteria decision-making methods to systematically produce a ranked list of products, and ultimately feed into the recommendation of a product that it is anticipated will provide you with the best return on your investment. 

What is PATRIAS part 2

Implementation Planning

Services aiding you to optimally order your intelligent automation system implementation

Integral to your Program Management Office (PMO) or as an independent service, I can apply techniques from the PATRIAS™ methodology to ensure that your roadmap for installing, configuring and bringing teams on-line with a new intelligent automation system is optimally ordered to achieve the best return on investment in the shortest timescale for your business. Services may include the following:

  • YOUR ORGANISATION PRIORITIES: Through workshops or discussion, I capture your organisation's view of the relative importance of business performance, operational flexibility and people benefits from implementing the intelligent automation system. We explore how these compare to the traditional product feature and cost assessment criteria. I then apply classic multi-criteria decision-making methods to weight the implementation project ordering assessment criteria. 

  • SUB-PRODUCT DEPENDENCIES: Using industry best-practice product-based planning, I work with your team and the product manufacturer to breakdown your selected product into a hierarchy of sub-products and identify the dependencies and linkages between them. A descriptive document and a spreadsheet are produced to aid understanding and awareness and to build the framework for creating the optimal delivery order. Another classic multi-criteria decision-making method is then used to rank each project.  

  • RESOURCE LIMITATIONS: I consider the resource limitations in terms of the product manufacturer and/or system integrator's available resources, your team's resources (technical and operational) and other resources (availability of buildings, infrastructure..).

  • OPTIMAL IMPLEMENTATION ROADMAP: With the above data captured, I apply the AIR method from the PATRIAS™ methodology to produce a roadmap of delivery packages that will ensure the benefits that your organisation considers are most important are implemented in the shortest timescale.


With the above information, I input to the Statement of Works to be agreed between your organisation and those implementing the technology or service, including input to the technical deliverables, KPIs and SLAs. I input or create a detailed project plans, work with stakeholders and project partners to ensure all responsibilities are captured and agreed, and can develop project dashboards.

Planning Meeting

Lifecycle Management

Services aiding you to monitor and adapt the intelligent automation system implementation.

The PATRIAS™ methodology can be applied 'ex-post' to provide enhanced lifecycle and implementation management services, ensuring the technology delivers anticipated business, operation and people benefits and meets agreed KPIs and SLAs. Services may include the following:

  • TRACKING & ANALYSIS: Once the intelligent automation system starts to be used in your organisation,, I apply the aspects of PATRIAS™ methodology to monitor performance against the anticipated business performance, operational flexibility and people impacts, and any other pre-determined KPIs. This may include executing further BPM workshops to assess progress in operational performance improvements and reduction in pain points. I assist with the analysis of findings and input or create progress reporting.


  • USER BEHAVIOUR ANALYSIS: With an awareness of the starting 'As Is' processes, operational performance and pain points from the BPM workshops during project planning, I monitor and analyse user behaviour as the new technology is adopted to understand where and why different parts of your organisation may or may not be achieving the impacts that I had anticipated, particularly in terms of reduced time and cost to progress activities. I provide reporting on this with recommendation for further change as appropriate.


  • MAINTENANCE: With insights on where good progress is being made, and where there may be issues, I input to the planning of subsequent project phases, including helping to build Statements of Works, recommending and monitoring corrective activities to ensure performance is achieved within contractual SLAs and accelerated progress towards delivering the anticipated impacts​.

  • NEW OPPORTUNITIES: In my project management and business development experience, I have often observed that once an intelligent automation system starts to be adopted in one supply chain, the value of extending its usage to other departments or stages outside this becomes apparent. Applying PATRIAS™ techniques, I can capture requirements, anticipate impacts, and prepare the value proposition for the extension of the intelligent automation system adoption, illustrating how you could achieve further return on your investment.

Business Meeting
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